Whether you’re walking to the grocery store or enjoying a night on the Sunset Strip, it is impossible to ignore the homelessness crisis in West Hollywood.

Two years ago, West Hollywood overwhelmingly supported County measures to address the homeless crisis and our City has appointed a City Council subcommittee, yet the problem still persists.

West Hollywood’s homeless must not be seen as a nuisance.  These are people—human beings—who deserve our compassion and support.

As your City Councilmember, I will address the homelessness crisis with overwhelming compassion.

One in 588 people in America are homeless and many Americans are one paycheck away from experiencing homelessness. To address homelessness, we must first address the issues that lead to homelessness, prioritize home retention, provide local wraparound services and increase outreach. 

The homeless crisis must first be addressed with prevention—making sure we have sufficient affordable housing and support for our neighbors who have lost their jobs, are going through a family crisis or are facing poverty as they age in place.

The second step is intervention. We must redouble our outreach efforts, expanding the number and frequency of our mobile intervention teams.  If you are on the streets of West Hollywood, even for a day, I want someone from the City or from our agents to reach out and offer help. If you are still there the next day, I want someone to reach out again, and again.

Finally, for those who accept our assistance, we must keep them from slipping out of care and back on the streets.  This begins with offering mental health and recovery services, bridge housing and employment assistance. 

Once our budget surplus reaches pre-pandemic levels, we should dedicate half of our surplus to housing and homelessness.

While the City is already doing many of these things, it should be clear to anyone that we are not doing enough and can do better.