Housing Affordability

Too often in West Hollywood, the discussion about housing affordability begins and ends with building more affordable housing.  While that may help the few, it is not enough to do our part to get out of this regional crisis.

For many in West Hollywood, housing affordability begins with our rent stabilization and rent control policies.  As someone who has lived in a rent-controlled unit for 23 years, I wholeheartedly support these policies and promise to defend them on the City Council.

Unfortunately for many who live in our older buildings—particularly those under rent control—habitability is a real issue, especially during the summer months.  State law requires that apartment owners provide working heating, but not air conditioning.  That is not acceptable to me.  For many, this can be a health hazard.  As your City Councilmember, I will work to require air conditioning in all rental units in West Hollywood.

Finally, West Hollywood must continue to meet and exceed its Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Goals.  Our inclusionary zoning policies have helped us along the way, but we must also ask commercial developments, such as hotels, which encroach into residential zones to do their part by supporting the City’s Housing Trust Fund